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ARIGHI ES was founded in 2012 by Eng. Marco Arighi, who wanted to set up an architectural and structural engineering company capable of putting the highest skills at the service of customers' needs.

The Company can rely on the long experience acquired by the founder in 30 years of work, in the position of Project Manager and Technical Director, along which he has developed the conviction that engineering is essentially a service, aimed at supporting all the phases of a project, from the contract award, to the start up.

Company staff is composed of graduates (engineers and architects), trained personally by Marco Arighi, who wants to convey to everyone the essential criteria for an excellent engineering processes.

About us: History
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"I strongly believe that customers should consider the engineering process an investment rather than a cost, because an excellent design process offers greater economic benefits and returns than its cost.

I'm committed to guiding ARIGHI ES to achieve excellence.

This helps our customers to be successful"


Marco Arighi, Founder and CEO


We aim to perform our engineering services in the most efficient way, in order to obtain the best quality at the lowest price.

We pursue close cooperation with our customers, they can explain their needs and we can provide appropriately.

Our engagement is not to provide the best possible design in abstract, but the design that is closest to the customer's needs.
Client satisfaction is our uttermost priority. Not surprisingly, we're succeeding in maintaining loyal relationships with customers over time.

Every technical document is developed taking into account the specific needs of the recipient, whether he is a proposal manager, a procurement coordinator, a designer, a construction supervisor, the end user.

This is respectful and effective.

We strongly believe that a good engineering process shall:

  • Comply with applicable laws and rules

  • Meet the expected quality

  • Save time and costs for the client

  • Enabling easy and safe construction, considering the facilities available in the construction site

  • Pursue simple and safe operation and low maintenance cost

The performance of ARIGHI ES depends on personnel quality and well-being. We strive to select the best people for the job, secure a safe and comfortable working environment, provide continued training in order to ensure top quality and a motivated team.

About us: Vison


ARIGHI ES relies on human resources: Marco Arighi works with young professionals confiding on mutual trust, respect and collaboration, so that they feel proud to be part of a team and keen to boost the Company values.

Honesty and Legality are essential pillars of our actions: they are pursued as the foundation of our business success and even more as a duty of justice to the civil community.

We want to pursue a positive attitude that is open, honest, fair and respectful to colleagues, customers and the environment.

Responsibility and Trustworthiness are our priorities. Things are never left incomplete. We love to be transparent, we like to deal with problems without withholding information or procrastinating, because the best solutions can be found together. 

We accept to carry out a project only when we are sure to have the skills for completing it successfully and on time.

But the challenges don't scare us.

About us: Our values
About us: Meet our Team


marco arighi founder and ceo

Marco Arighi


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Luca Cappelletti


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Alì Sbeiti


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Ilaria Rambaldini


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marta ripamonti arighi es team architect

Marta Ripamonti


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Luca Marini


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Samuele Bolis


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Alberto Patritti


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mattia baj rossi arighi engineering services team engineer

Mattia Baj Rossi


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Elisa Dolciotti


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Inna Burshteyn


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